REVEALATION by Wayne Dobson

What The Audience Sees:

"Jamie was pretty funny today. Big Ted nearly keeled over, he was laughing so hard, but Big Ted really likes that kind of thing. Anyway, Jamie asked me to think of a card. Any one at all. I did and he said that he knew what card I was thinking of. Yeah right! Well, he pulls out a few cards and starts asking me if they were my card and, obviously, they weren't. He pulled out a Bingo card for &*!('s sake, lol. I think one was even, like a fifteen of diamonds or something, lol. But then, at the end of this comedy bit, he simply looks me in the eye and names my card. I almost keeled over! And we weren't laughing anymore!!!"

How It Went:

I showed this effect, before Friday, to a few of the magic gang that I hang out with and it didn't exactly kill. But I had faith. I took it out Friday and, I'm happy to say, had a great day with it. I think what works is that, even if you don't find the gag cards funny, and I think some of them are awesome, there is still the impossible revelation at the end. The key is that they know that you won't be busting out funny cards for a few hours as they can clearly see that you're only holding a few. And you best believe that there are people out there who wish the cards didn't stop. Funny is money, after all.

And the final revelation is truly a killer. I would pull nothing out of my pocket and say, "Here's your card. Sorry but it's invisible. But I can read it because I'm special. See, right here? It says, The seven of diamonds!" (or whatever card they chose). It was great.

Best Lines:

-Big Ted really thought it was funny.

"You actually knew it!! He ACTUALLY kew it!!!!
-I sure did, No force, either.

Angry Bob Rating:

For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician. Angry Bob knows that TT’s exist, for example, but he has no desire to become a magician himself. He also has an anger management problem that can be experienced first hand if he can’t figure out how a trick is done. A high rating means he has no idea.

Ay yie yie. Angry Bob got his Christmas present early.

"Well M#%$&^$%#$. I guess that by the first $#%^# you would #^&#^ the *&@*@( and the &^##&^@%*^@, LOL!, LOL! I'm right! ADMIT IT BEFORE I KILL YOU!!!"

And, once again, our "conversation" ended with one of us in a headlock. 0/5.

Here's an Angry Bob tip however. Always, and I don't care if they actually own their own $&^&$*# ZigZag or whatever, deny everything! Deny, deny, deny. "Oh? You actually used to be part of a magic show and you used to get into the ZigZag every night? What's that? Oh, you actually used to construct them as well?! Well, that's cool, but this one's different..."

I should also mention that Angry Bob was still guessing. He didn't really know. He just thought he did. He'll always wonder, though.

My Rating:

You know, I liked it. I do, however, find myself to be quite hilarious though. So, how about 8/10.

The JDG Tip:

I don't use all the cards. And I lose the Bingo one because that's what I call the very first card. I find out if they got Bingo (you should know what I mean) and, when they don't, I say: "Darnit, if you had got Bingo, I would have given you a prize. Well how about this anyway. Was your card.." and I turn over the fifteen of diamonds. A little bit of justification can go a long way. They just think I'm making a joke and running with it a bit.

Closing Thoughts:

Wayne Dobson is a masterful thinker and one of the funniest guys ever. There's going to be a few of his tricks coming this way over the next few months so keep your eye out. They're going to be astounding!


Jamie D. Grant
Vancouver Magician


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