Jamie D. Grant's "Anything Is Possible" bottle.

~This is the cartoon that was featured in newspapers all around the world~

Jamie D. Grant's world-famous "Anything Is Possible" bottles have been seen in:

Each and every "Anything Is Possible" bottle is hand made by Jamie D. Grant and is guaranteed to use a completely unaltered Avalon Dairy glass milk bottle and a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards that are still sealed in their original cellophane!

The glass has not been cut, melted, formed around the cards, or altered in any way! Guaranteed!

The sealed deck of cards has actually gone in through the neck of the bottle!

Every bottle comes with it's inspirational tag that reads, "These art pieces are handmade by Vancouver magician Jamie D. Grant and are guaranteed to use unaltered milk bottles and Bicycle brand playing cards still wrapped in their original seal. Whenever times get tough, look over at your magical bottle and remind yourself that...Anything Is Possible."

RED Deck inside. $100 + FREE shipping, anywhere in the world.

BLUE Deck inside. $100 + FREE shipping, anywhere in the world.

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