The Magic Friday Studio "Coin Carrier"

The problem I've always had with coin magic is how to carry my expensive coins. A coin purse isn't my thing and if I'm doing, say, a QB2 routine, I don't necessarily want spectators to have to grab change that just came from my pocket.

This design, from Lincoln Heller, fixes those problems.
I find it elegant and, more importantly, compact.
It's like a miniature suitcase that can carry my entire coin act. I hope you like it.

Made from vegetable tanned Canadian leather, each "Coin Carrier" is handmade by Jamie D. Grant and is the exact size for four American silver dollars or, if you're more of a coin bender, approximately twenty quarters.

Due to the tanning process, each Magic Friday Studio "Coin Carrier" may have different tones and hues. Although all are black with bronzed rivets and a silver snap, no two are exact. Just like us.

$35.00 + $5.00 shipping, anywhere in the world.

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$42 + $5 shipping, anywhere in the world. Custom name imprinted (max 5 characters).

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