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Hiya Gang!

2010 is going to be an exciting year! Not only will you see more Magic Friday Reviews (starring yours truly, Angry Bob, Big Ted, and The Audience) but I'll be posting magic related thoughts & ideas as well.

Combine that with a move to Video for some posts and a new Magic Friday Studio ( the name for the new Magic Friday store, where you'll be able to purchase some of your favorite Magic Friday effects ~Every purchase will also come with my exact patter for that Magic Friday~) and we have a truly thrilling ride ahead of us! It's going to be great!

All my best,

Jamie D. Grant



- Grandpa Chet said...

Well, I'm certainly looking forward to the video demonstrations, and I'm realllly delighted that you'll be offering the items themselves (along with your presentations). But what truly pleases me, is that your list of previously-used-effects (I'm so elite that I even say "Effects or Treats" on Halloween!) are clickable and searchable here on your blog. Was very frustrating at the Caffeine to want to look up an older effect, and have to scroll around and hunt for it.

2010 looks like an exciting year for Magic Fridays. Congratulations!

Jamie D. Grant said...

Thanks! That took me 7 hours last night, lol! I'm glad it's appreciated~

Your pal,


TravisRobertson said...


I just wanted to thank you for bringing us Magic Fridays. You have reviewed many great products and there have been many effects that Ive been on the fence about until I saw them reviewed in your column. You have made so many difficult decisions much easier with your reviews. Thanks for your insight and I will look forward to your new video reviews. Enjoy the holidays.
Thanks again!

alzebediah said...

Hi there love the post you have put up on the magic cafe. I have often searched there to find quick tricks to pick up and see how things go down. So its great to have them all in one accessible place plus other notes.

You mention that you will be supplying the products with your note and patter used for magic Fridays. This is great but was wondering due the fact I am over sea from you extra posting and packaging will effect us. So could you do a quarterly E-book with the magic Friday patter and notes.

You already have supplied a great resource and now your giving us something even more marvellous.

So be looking in and reading and learning more love to see were you take this and how it also effects my magic.

Dr.P said...

Thanks for the site Jamie, and Happy Holidays to all!

Tom Jorgenson said...

Jamie, what a great site you've set up! All our fave Fridays in one spot. It is VERY useful to get a performance report in addition to the usual item review.

All the best, keep up the good work.

...and I hope I win the bottle. Thanks for offering one, and have a great Holiday season, and New Year.

David said...

New to this site and already Bookmarked! Plus saw your "giveaway" at the Cafe. Wish I found this blog earlier... :)

- Grandpa Chet said...

You're giving away a bottle? I hope it's filled with Diet Caffeine-free Dr Pepper!

Jake Remaly said...

Site looks good! Looking forward to another year of magical Fridays.

Brian Ekins said...

Jamie, thanks for your time in putting together these blog posts. They're entertaining and you've pointed out some great products I would have overlooked otherwise.

Zebaztian said...

I just discovered this site via the Magic Café Forum, and I'm sorry that I didn't know it earlier. Great blog - going to put it in my favorites right now.

amedica said...

Wow! Great blog! I've been checking out your archive of reviews as well. Really love it and keep it going!

amedica from MC

VcosNJ said...

Thanks for everything Jamie! I always look forward to your Magic Fridays.. and here's looking forward to more in 2010!!

Jv said...

Looking forward to everything Jamie!



MagicMunkey said...

I finally made it over here from the MC. Nice site.Thanks for everything, Jamie

Dennis said...

Saw your post on the Cafe, great blog! Hope I win the bottle haha, well have a very great Christmas and I will visit this place often :)

Anonymous said...

This bottle thing sounds awesome

Bande said...

Since I was one of the people asking for the difficulty rating THANKS!!!! This is exactly what I wanted. I 100% agree with you that a good effect is worth practicing -- that said, I like a mix. Some complex things I am working on, and a few quick hit wonders. The best thing about a difficulty rating is it lets me know what I am buying into.

P.S. Congrats to Grandpa Chet. :)

- Grandpa Chet said...

Thank you, Bande. Six days and counting!

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