Suggestions, anyone?


Well, Friday's effect was such a disaster that it isn't even worth filming going into the Bag Of Shame. No creator can ever blame me for not trying, though.

So, how about some suggestions instead? Is there anything you'd like to see reviewed? If so, please comment here! Thanks!

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Jimmy Rogers said...

Anthony Owen's Oil and Water? Looks pretty magical to even the trained eye!

Peter Krogh said...

Colour Burn?

kid iowa said...

I'm a huge fan of LePaul, yet hardly see anyone do any of the stuff from his book. How about an effect from the Card Magic of LePaul?

Kevin Chou said...

Now I'm really curious to know what this awful effect is. That way I can look out for it.

Since someone else mentioned books, Rune Klan and Joshua Jay recently released a book called "Rune's World: the Magic of Rune Klan"...

BathTub said...

Tin opener?
Silent Running?

tommEE said...

crush by eric ross

Anonymous said...

Anything from Act Two by Barrie Richardson.

Jamie D. Grant said...

Great suggestions everyone~ thanks!!!


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