What The Audience Sees:

“Man, where’s Jamie been? He’s been gone for a while, man! We were missing our magic fix. But he was back on Friday, yo. And he can still read those minds, you know what I’m sayin’?! Check it- he busts into our office and tells us he’s in a rush but that he’s been thinking about us. He said that this morning he was convinced that one of us was going to be able to name a Queen, any Queen, and that it would be gone from his wallet, where he had put three of them when he woke up. So I pipe up and say the Queen of Diamonds and you know what? Jamie pulled the cards out and she was gone! But here’s the crazy part!!! In her place was a blank card…and it had writing on it…and it said that he knew I’d be right!!! How does he do this?! Man!!!"

How It Went:

As I mention in my video review, I’ve been trying to only do card magic that doesn't require any gaffs, special decks, etc. However, I allow myself one exception~ packet tricks! I cycle through what goes into my wallet every couple of months, so packet are fair game. And, let me tell you, this one’s a winner! Why?

Because it’s so easy, lol. Really, it’s the easiest trick you’ll do. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not awesome, because it is. I did this all day Friday to great results. Maybe not of the “I’ve just changed your life” variety but still a fun time. The biggest challenge was creating some sort of buildup/tension. Because of the lack of process (there’s no equivoque, or dealing, etc), it was almost too fast. Name a Queen. Look, it’s gone. So I really built up the “are you sure”, “what made you pick that one? Were you by chance sneaking around my bedroom this morning?” type of lines. By the end of the day, however, I discovered the most important thing about this effect…

The examinable blank card. Genius. In the beginning of the day I simply didn’t use it to it’s full potential, but by the end of the day I got it. (See Video Review). Basically, this needs to given away. It’s such a wonderful moment when people grab that card and turn it over, especially if you’ve written a note on it. I love it.

The Difficulty:

It’s not difficult at all. If you can hold a pack of four cards (and only fours cards) in your hand, then you’re good to go.. 1/5.

Best Lines:

“How do you always know?”
~When I do magic on Friday, and if it’s someone whose seen me before, you can only imagine what they think.

~This guy grabbed the blank card so fast I couldn’t even react. Hilarious!

Angry Bob Rating:

For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician. Angry Bob knows that TT’s exist, for example, but he has no desire to become a magician himself. He also has an anger management problem that can be experienced first hand if he can’t figure out how a trick is done. A high rating means he has no idea.

This is tough to say, I’m not really sure. At first, Angry Bob wanted the blank card. A look of confusion spread across his brow and I thought he was going to hit me. Then he asked for the rest, to which I replied, “Forget it. You won’t give them back.” Not a bad line, but not as good as a switched packet. That said, when I did it for laypeople, everyone was so busy talking about the blank card that no one asked to see the others. Perfect.[3]/5[/5].

My Rating:

Magic Friday Approved!

Nothing makes me happier than coming across a new trick that I can carry with me for a while. The handling of Alice’s Revenge is also so clean, it’s silly. Bob Farmer obviously put some wonderful thought into this and came up with a terrific result!

The JDG Tip:

Closing Thoughts:

I’m up for future Magic Friday suggestions so, if you have any or if you have anything to say at all, please leave a comment~ I read them all!

Have a Great Week Everyone!

jamie d. grant

1 comment:

Jimmy Rogers said...

I've totally been eyeing this one for a month or so now, so I'm glad to see your stamp of approval on it!

That being said, I'm still not sure if I want to pick it up. It's a neat trick but I'm not sure it fills a need in my particular bag. I've already got a ton of 4 queens things and as an amateur the hand-out aspect doesn't really appeal to me....

We'll see I guess...

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