Magic Friday needs your help!

Well gang, it's been a crazy year. So much has gone on and I've seen so much magic! It's been awesome. And now, like the rest of you, I'm deep into the season's gigs and am looking forward to hitting the Magic Friday blog with some regularity once we come out the other side. 

But, in order for me to do that- I need your help! What magic would you like to see reviewed here? Are their any particular DVDs, books, and tricks that you know of, that play super strong that I may have missed? If so, please comment below!

Magic Friday is going to be a main focus for me in 2011 and I think you're all going to be happy with what you find here. Interviews, ideas, Angry Bob, and a place that you can come to only find strong magic. That's always been the plan, since I started this column years ago-  to provide all of you with somewhere that you can come and not have to sort through thousands of posts and negativity. Somewhere where you can come and read or watch an episode and know, with confidence, that you'll get something you like. 2011 is going to be a fantastic year- I can tell...

In the meantime, you can take a listen to this podcast, if you're interested, as it gives some insight into who I am, what I do, and the point of it all...

Thanks for your suggestions! Without you, none of this would be possible...

 Jamie D. Grant


Tim said...

Thanks for doing the Newswire. I believe that in one of the Art of Astonishment books PH explains how to put a deck in a bottle, correct?

Jamie D. Grant said...

Hiya Tim,

Mine are still in the cellophane- which has never been explained.

Thanks for listening!


Jimmy Rogers said...

Hey Jamie,

Well it's not out yet, but definitely take a look at John Bannon's new DVD when it comes out (this year?). Maybe pick your favorite packet or shuffled deck effect from the set. It's not like I won't buy the DVD ANYWAY, but I always like to hear your take on things!

Anonymous said...

The Process by Andrew Gerard
Stand & Deliver by Shaun Mccree
Wonderland by The Enchantment
Garrett Thomas Branded
..I'll think up more

Dom said...

@Tim: Yes, you are right.. it is explained in the AoA book series.. However, Jamie is also right.. the deck in the bottle with the cellophane on has never been explained.. much to our disappointment! lol


V @ The Magic Network said...

Some random strong items that would be good to see your review of:

-Prevaricator - Patrick Redford
-Opening Minds DVD Set - Colin McLeod
-The Safwan Papers - Bryn Reynolds

I love books, so book reviews would be great too.

Mike said...

Hi Jamie,

I find your reviews extremely helpful. I would like to see a review of "Imagine by G and SM Productionz". I have read mixed reviews.


Rossminster said...

I reckon it's pretty pointless asking you to review stuff that I already have because, well, I already know what it's like.

But I WOULD like to see reviews of stuff that has not worked so well. I know this has, to date, been counter to your own "rules" but they're your rules, so I say change 'em!

You have mentioned in the past that you have taken stuff out on Fridays that has bombed. We wanna know what these tricks were so that we don't waste out money!

Jamie D. Grant said...

Thanks gang!

@Rossminster - I get this request quite a bit but it's just not who I am. There are a ton of other places online where people can read negative comments and the like. That's what, I feel, makes Magic Friday different. You can come here knowing that you'll find something that works.

That's my pitch!

Tim Thoelecke said...

I'm a longtime reader. Here's an idea for a review for something that's under the radar a bit. Bob Sheets and my friend Glenn Morphew have put together Bob's 3 Shell Bootcamp. Even if you don't like the shells, check out the demo here.

It's available only from the creators.

Anonymous said...


I would like to see you bring out some of the oldies but goodies, especially those that don't use a gimmick. One example for me would be Hindu Thread- not only is it very magical, but if you are clever you don't have to buy anything once you learn the effect.

I think reviewing some of the really good stuff from the past would be a good counterpoint to the razz and glitz coming out every day...


Jamie D. Grant said...

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions everyone- this totally helps!

seasideshowman said...

Hey Jamie,
Enjoyed your interview with Dodd Vickers on the Magic Newswire. It is there that I learned of your Magic Friday blog site - nice. I would be interested in your opinion of an effect by David Jade being marketed by Mathieu Bich called "Reversible?". It is a 'packet' trick that seems to get big reactions on the demo video.
All the best of the Holiday Season to you and yours.
Cap'n Mike, Myrtle Beach, SC

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the podcast and your Magic Friday reviews are a fantastic resource for magi. Each new review brightens my day.

Would love to see a review of the Harris Shufton collaboration X-Ray. Does it hold up under Magic Friday conditions? Check out the review at Wizard Product Review on Nov 3. Other reviews I would like to see are Trick Photography by Steve Gore, Divinyl Wallet from RFA Productions and Smoke by Alan Rorrison

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