Jay Sankey's 'DOUGH! ' Magic Friday #1

The Effect:

You borrow a bill and stick a post-it note to the center of it. Now you slowly push the pencil through the note, visibly piercing the note and the bill. Your spectators are unalarmed… until you remove the note and the bill is completely and utterly unharmed!

How It Went:

Well, this week's Magic Friday was a smashing success! Sankey's Dough! seemed to live up to it's promise. One group of client's simply couldn't study the bill enough after the effect. If you use the same bill often though (which I did) you will wear a bit of the bill out. This happened to me and one group of people said "Well, there's still a small hole there..." Sigh. A good reminder, however, to always strive for perfection Every Time. I changed to a new bill and all went well. I would say 65 out of 75 were astounded.

The Angry Bob Rating:

Extremely Angry

I have a co-worker (Bob) whose uncle was a magician and thereby has a good working knowledge of how magic works. He's pretty grumpy but likes Magic Friday's because he can tell me how he figured out how it was done. This week he had no idea (which, to be honest, kind of suprised me).

My Rating (Out of 5)


I am not an easy person to please but I am quite happy that my first Magic Friday Review started with this trick. Best comment: "You're Good!" What more could you ask for?

The JDG Tip:

Instead of just crumpling the bill, also crease it all over the place. All different angles and on both sides. Helps immensely.



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