PINNACLE by Russ Niedzwiecki

The Effect:

A borrowed object (finger ring). An everyday object (rubber band. Two of the strongest components of powerful magical experience combine in this four-phase presentation, whereby a rubber band penetrates on and off a finger ring-one strand at a time!

How It Went:

Really well. There's a couple of things that I really like about this routine. It's visual, it uses only my wedding ring and an elastic, and there's no concrete explanation on how it's done. That said, however, I find that's it's not really a shocker per se. I performed Pinnacle around 20 times for about 60 people yesterday and found that the reactions, for the most part, were low key. A dozen were astounded, 1 was unimpressed, but everyone else was magically satisfied. I felt that everyone enjoyed it, minus 1, and that's the important part.

Best Line:


The Angry Bob Rating:

I have a co-worker (Bob) whose uncle was a magician and thereby has a good working knowledge of how magic works. He's pretty grumpy but likes Magic Friday's because he can tell me how he figuered out how it was done...

5/5. There was no way Bob could ever recreate this effect without the hours of practice that I had put into it. He took the elastic and tried to entangle it aroung the ring somehow but gave up in disgust.

My Rating:

. A solid worker.

The JDG Tip:

Keep it slooooooow. If you move too fast, people will just see a flurry of elastic, hands, and metal. I also performed it on a horizontal plane as opposed to a vertical one.

Closing Thoughts:

Not much to say, really. Highly recommended. Good work Russ!


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