Dennis Loomis Routine for the James Riser/Dennis Loomis MICRO CHOP CUP

Originally written in 2006! New Video added~

What The Audience Sees:

'The performer made this little ball appear and disappear from a cup and then these two balls that don't even fit in the cup fell out!'

How It Went:

Well, I give up. I really wanted to review a terrible trick this week so that people who read my reviews won't think I love everything. Unfortuneately, I chose Dennis Loomis' Chop cup routine instead. If you want an effect that is less than a 5/5, don't read any further...

Tonight I did two shows (1 half hour cocktail party and 1 two hour Christmas party-both of which I scored from Magic Friday performances) and they went absolutely perfectly. Confidance is so utterly crucial in our art that I can't explain how, I don't know, safe (that's the best way I can put it) I felt, knowing this routine. It was the main effect for the cocktail party and it was the main effect for every table at the Christmas party.

What I loved is that the Micro Cup (I totally missed the boat and didn't get a Riser-I'm kicking myself after tonight...) is that it's small enough that you can show a group that was next to your previous group the exact same routine without the worry of them having already seen it. I went from group to group to group and it was new to each one. It was flawless.

Best Lines:

"DOMO! DOMO!" which I found out to be 'Thank You' in Japanese. She also kept bowing so low I was worried she was going to hit her head on the floor.

Standing Ovation. The ultimate Best Line.

Angry Bob Rating:

I have a co-worker (Bob) whose uncle was a magician and thereby has a good working knowledge of how magic works. He's pretty grumpy but likes Magic Friday's because he can tell me how he figured out how the effect is done...

I performed this today for Angry Bob in prep for tonight. Tooooooo funny.
"$#%# you! You $$#$#% son of a %#%$%#%$^! Let me see that #$%#!#% thing!...#%$#%#! you have to be $#$@$#@$@$ kidding me! No I don't wanna' see the $#%#$!%% little %^$^$^ red #%$#% ball! I wanna' ^%&%&know how these 2 other $#%$#%$#! ones got in there! #%$%#!

My Rating:

5/5. Sorry, this routine is perfect. I'll perform this for the rest of my life. Next week I'll perform the crappiest effect I can find, I promise.

The JDG Tip:

For some reason, people aren't too suprised with the red ball disappearing and appearing, maybe because they know that's what we, as magicians, are good at. It's the final two loads that kill them, so milk them for all they're worth. I use a red and white high bounce ball and a miniature tennis ball (both of which came from toy stores). After, I say, 'If you can put those back in the cup for me, that'd be great, Thanx!' I hand them the cup and balls and pretend to walk away.

Watch it here! That’s right, we now have video!


Closing Thoughts:

To Dennis Loomis if he reads this:

Standing Ovation.

Purchase Here:

I actually don't have any of these for sale at the moment, but I think Dennis has a couple left. Also, there may be a new edition coming soon!


Jamie D. Grant


3 comments: said...

Was gleeful to see this given the video treatment! When the next Bag of Shame causes you to go into the vault, would you consider a video of your "Be Honest - What Is It?" That is so rarely done well!

Geoff A said...

Great review and video. Thanks for doing these. Very helpful. Quick question, what kind of balls are you using for the final two?

Unknown said...

Hey Jamie,

OK, I have had this for a long time but had gotten kind of stale on it. Sharpened up a bit and threw it into my case for a Christmas company party strolling gig in Austin TX the other night. I ended up only doing it once but it got an awesome reaction (for the owner's two twenty-something sons). They didn't see the two final loads coming at all.

Thanks for Magic Friday and reminding me of the power of the Chop Cup.



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