SANITIZED by Kelvin Ng

The Video Review:

Best Lines From The Day:

"Are you kidding me?!!"

~He was convinced that he was seeing things!

"Give me that!!"

~And it wasn't so he could clean his hands again, lol.

Angry Bob Rating:

I have a co-worker (Bob) whose uncle was a magician and thereby has a good working knowledge of how magic works. He's pretty grumpy but likes Magic Friday's because he can tell me how he figured out how the effect is done...

The card reveal isn’t a magician fooler. And Angry Bob, although not a magician per se, wasn’t fooled at all…except on how he was made to pick the Nine Of Clubs. So you can imagine that this works quite well- which it did- when you do it on someone who has no idea what a force is to begin with. 1/5.

The JDG Tip:

If you can find it- get the Aloe Purell- it's green and will help your colour effect!

The iTricks Idea:

Read it here!

Closing Thoughts:

I didn't review the other 2 effects that come with Sanitized but should mention that they're quite good. Will Tsai has an idea on the Free Will effect which is absolutely awesome and is an idea that you can use in many other applications.

Thanks for watching!

All my best,

Jamie D. Grant

UPDATE: Now available for purchase! E:mail me at for pricing.


Unknown said...

That was a good review. I would guess that this may be stronger than tricycle, just because EVERYONE handles Purell sanitizer from time to time. Most people don't handle cards as often. Also, if you could "plant" the bottle near where you are performing, and bring it in during the trick, that could work too, although they may think you are stealing the hand sanitizer when you put it into your pocket when you're done. Oh yeah, very nice force by the way...

Caleb Wiles said...

If you like the idea of ink magically rearranging to form a card, you might want to check out John Gustaferro's trick "Constellation." I think it's on his Second Storm DVDs. Basically, the spectator and you make a bunch of dots on the back of your business card. They choose a card and you wave the business card in front of their eyes. They see the image of their card slowly materialize.

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