FINGERS-NOSE DO AS I DO from Martin Gardner/via The Magical Arts Journal

(Sorry gang! I'm just so crazy busy writing my book for the Send Wonder campaign, that I'm just putting up the video review. If you have any questions, just comment here, though, and I'll respond!)

 Best Lines:


~They were squeezing their nose so hard, lol.


~The ultimate compliment.

Angry Bob Rating:

For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician. Angry Bob knows that TT’s exist, for example, but he has no desire to become a magician himself. He also has an anger management problem that can be experienced first hand if he can’t figure out how a trick is done. A high rating means he has no idea.

Doo doo de do- yah yah yah! That was my happy dance right there, lol. Angry Bob was decimated. Just do it once, though.

"I want you to go outside, grab a $@%@ and @$%@ with a @^%@." 5/5.

Have a great week everyone!

~jamie d. grant

1 comment:

Jimmy Rogers said...

Hmmm, nifty! Haven't seen you talk about body magic before...

The only bit of that I know is a weird "hole in your ear" trick I learned from Jeff McBride. I think I need a longer ear though!

By the way, I have seen "original" arm twist before, but I haven't a clue on the you have one or did you just "learn it from a guy?"

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