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PLEASE NOTE: Due to an overwhelming response (THANK YOU!!), it can take up to two weeks before your Industrial Revelation ships.  That said, I send them out in the exact order that the orders are placed so if I get lucky and get ahead of schedule, you'll be the first to know! Thank you for understanding!

Industrial Revelation is available for purchase worldwide for only $125! It sold out at the Magic Live convention (hurrah!) and has been voted "Trick of the Year" on the Magic Cafe! As a result, I'm working like mad, to make sure no one waits too long (right now, I'm able to ship within 2 weeks of purchase). Reminded of that, I've decided to take a loss on the shipping side and offer shipping anywhere in the world for only $15. When you think about how much money you'll spend on magic in your life, I think you'll appreciate that making this one purchase will provide you with an effect you'll actually use, enjoy, and keep forever. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of that.

Available to purchase at 


Click the above pic to watch John Archer perform Industrial Revelation on television!

NEWS: ALL Industrial Revelations now ship with 2 cocktail swords! To be honest, this is the only way I perform it now!


Hi everyone! A quick, yet important, FYI...

I received an email from Bob Solari wondering if I knew he had created an effect in the 90's that is almost exactly the same as Industrial Revelation (called "A Case of Penetration)! I had no idea! So I phoned him and...made a new pal! He was kind, generous and, well, just awesome! He also mentioned that the only thing he wanted was to be credited on my site and in the instructions, which I am more than happy to do. So Bob, if you read this, you rock and are top class in my book! Thanks!

As someone who practices and performs magic every day, I understand how important it to know the real work for performing situations. So, in an attempt to leave no customer service stone unturned, here's how I carry my INDUSTRIAL REVELATION...

With the quarter already inside, all you need to do is pull it out of your pocket and you're ready to change people's lives!

Remove the quarter, approach a group of friends, push it through, and then remove 1.5 pounds of solid steel!

No Switches!
No Palming!
No Sleights!


NEWS! Industrial Revelation has won "Trick of the Year" by popular vote on the Magic Cafe! Click the picture to watch the Theatrical News! ;)


~Review starts at 25:00~

"This is THE best thing I've bought in the last couple of years."

~Craig Petty of The Wizard Product Review

"Just saw this last week and I have to say it was the best thing I picked up at Magic Live."

~David Penn, of the Wizard Product Review

I just got mine. Everything should be this well made. Industrial Revelation takes a modern classic and feeds it Miracle Grow. The result is a thing of beauty.

~David Regal

The packaging is beautiful, but the steel block is even more so. It worked flawlessly, and looks great when revealed.


I absolutely love my Industrial Revelation by Jamie D. Grant! Best of all was the personal instruction received from the Master Magician himself. Thanks Jamie!

~Jeff Christensen

The description Jamie gave of the Steel Block is 100% accurate. It's no wonder that he's so proud of this effect. The quality is top notch and the secret really is invisible!
Thanks again Jamie for such a finely crafted gimmick.


Absolutely brilliant product.

~Eddie Garland.

So at the behest of Jamie I ended up taking Industrial Revelation to my restaurant gig. I just got back and I must say....THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!! I performed it for as many people as possible. You should have seen the reactions on people's faces after taking the steel block out of the box. Unreal!!!

~Lou Cirulli

I was one of the first and needless to say, not the last to offer my praise and congratulations! Everything about your brilliant new effect is remarkable and unique -- obviously, I am extremely please with IR including the quality, instructions, prop and most important, the audience reaction!


Jamie- I just received this today! Beautifully made,dead easy to do. Packaging was elegant. It lived up to the hype, and then some. Well worth the money. I don't know what else to say as a review, as it really has all been laid out for everyone. The demo is accurately shot, and the product and effect looks exactly like as shown. The block is heavy, and should last the rest of my life. Highly recommended, with the caveat that I haven't had the chance to do it for anyone but my cat yet. But he was fooled.


Hi Jamie- I received Industrial Revelation yesterday 7/20 and it is the BEST piece of magic I have ever purchased! I showed this to about 10 different people yesterday and everyone of them were blown away. My daughter's boyfriend ( who is a huge magic skeptic ) said that "there has got to be a way for the steel bar to come apart." I then handed him the bar to examine it, and he literally tried for 5 minutes to get that bar apart, and couldn't! He said that was the best trick he has ever seen!

Congratulations on your success with Industrial Revelation. My boss at my first sales job many years ago said "Dan, you never get a second chance to make a first impression." Jamie you have hit a grand slam on your first at bat with this trick. Continued success in your career. You have a fan for life!!


My package arrived today. Christmas in July! It's been said before that other manufacturers should follow your passion of design and craftsmanship and I certainly second that. Beautiful! It will be a great addition to the close up case. Thanks, Jamie. Let the REVOLUTION begin!!
Mine arrived today and it lives up to (and exceeds) expectations.
Just got mine yesterday. It's beautifully made. I love this!
WOW! It is beautifully made, completely solid and looks amazing, the workings behind it is completely deceptive and nobody expects it at all, it is just so amazing and it's going to be a joy to use this thing.
Hurray! Received my Industrial Revelaation and it is simply BRILLIANT! I immediate tried it on on my wife and she rated it a 10 - can't beat that right?
Mine arrived today. A beautiful piece of work.
I absolutely love it.
IR is probably one of the most amazing items that I own. I received mine today and It's so great. It's super simple to perform and it's powerful!
There are no words that can build upon what has already been said about Jamie's artistic workmanship regarding Industrial Revelation. I literally just opened the package, played with it for 10 minutes, and know that I might as well be holding a 2 lb. chunk of gold that will be a staple in my performing repertoire for the rest of my life.

If everything in the magic community were made with this much attention to care and attention to the customer - we, consumers, would be in a more trustworthy marketplace with which to purchase our effects.

Its beautiful. Its organic. Its lethal. This will absolutely astonish audiences and you will be reignited with why you started doing this in the first place.

Bravo, Mr. Grant. I want to say I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve, but you have already been so incredibly giving of yourself to the entire magic community over the last years that it seems almost selfish of me to state. If you walked away today - you would leave quite the standard to follow.
Wow. You and your crew do amazing work, Jamie. Talk about precision. One of the very best made props I've ever purchased - and what an effect! Seriously, this is like the perfect trick - portable, no angles, and you can slot it right into any other routines you do. Thanks for sharing this.
I rarely buy tricks anymore, but INDUSTRIAL REVELATION is one of the best tricks I have ever bought - ever. Everything about it is first-class.
~Chuck Romano


V @ The Magic Network said...

Looks amazing!

Derek Hughes said...

Curious indeed.

Haunter said...

Wow that is pretty snazzy.

NathanaelBergenMagic said...

This is the most incredible thing ever!! That's right, *ever*! I can't tell you enough how pleased I am to have purchased this! Thanks Mr. Grant, this is a great product.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, WOW!!!! This thing is just incredible!!! When I first got this I was surprised by the customer service emails, as well as the actual product itself!! Fantastically made!!! Great quality and an absolutely great weight to it!!! This is one of the best purchases I've made and IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I was highly worried about the secret being revealed due to how easy it was for the performer to operate, however, having said that, I've used this at least 7 times for a total of 30+ people and NO ONE HAS FIGURED IT OUT!!! I HAVE ZERO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THIS IS ONE GREAT INVESTMENT! LOVE THE CONFUSED REACTIONS THAT I GET WHEN I SHOW A CARD WITH A SLIT IN IT, THEN POUR OUT THE SOLID STEEL BLOCK OF ULTIMATE CONFUSION!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING A PRACTICAL VERSION OF A CLASSIC TRICK THAT I WILL ACTUALLY USE!!!

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