What The Audience Sees:

'This week Django showed us a trick deck he got for Christmas. I picked a card but it didn't have a face on it. His whole deck was all backs. He asked me, though, if I could make my card any card, what would it be? I told him the 3 of Spades which is when he told me to look at my card. I did, of course, and nothing had changed and we had a laugh because I actually checked. Then he showed me the deck and it changed into a regular deck with faces! And the card in my hand was the 3 of Spades!!!!!'

How It Went:

Awesome. This trick absolutely floored people. I made a few changes but Daniel really hit the nail on the head-Blammo! What I changed was I eliminated the 4 ace production- I simply felt that it was too much, and I didn't want to take away from the impact of their card that they had only mentioned actually changing into that card. I also used a Memorized deck to eliminate the need to table the cards-I just cut and go.

Best Lines:

'Haaaaaaahahahahahahahahhhaaaaahhhahahahahahahahahahaa.' This guy couldn't stop laughing. Not because it was funny but because it was just so impossible.
'That's the best one yet.' What can you say to that?

Angry Bob Rating:

I have a co-worker (Bob) whose uncle was a magician and thereby has a good working knowledge of how magic works. He's pretty grumpy but likes Magic Friday's because he can tell me how he figured out how the effect is done...


Me: "Hey Bob, Merry Ho Ho!"

Angry Bob: 'Whatever.'

Me: "Hey it's Magic Friday, check this out. Say, 'Stop.'"

Angry Bob: 'I want the top card $%$%@@^.'

Me: "Just say, 'Stop.' It won't matter, it's a trick deck."

Angry Bob says, 'Stop.' and takes a card. 'Hardy %%^%$$^ Har. There's no $%%^%! face.'

Me: "I know, cool, huh. I got this deck for Christmas. Look, none of them have faces. But if your card could, what would it be?"

Angry Bob: 'I dunno. The 8 of diamonds.'

Me: "Go ahead. Look at your card now."

Angry Bob: 'You stupid %^$^^@&. Nothing's changed!'

Me: "Of course not. I told you it was a trick deck. I'm not that good! Gimme' that back. Actually hold onto it for a second longer and watch..."

I show him that the deck now has faces.

Angry Bob: "Get the $%$@%@^ 'outta here. %^%@^%@!"

Me: 'Bob, look in your hand.'

Angry Bob: "^&^@%@%&%! %&%@^%& %@^%@$$**&&! That was good! %$^$@^@!!!!

My Rating:

5/5. You have no idea how hard it is to impress Angry Bob.

The JDG Tip:

Even though I use a Memorized deck, you don't have to. Instead of tabling the deck hold it up to your face once they tell you their card and look for it. It should get a laugh when you say, "I don't see an 8 of diamonds in here..." because they think it's a trick deck and you can find their selection that way.

Closing Thoughts:

This effect rocks and Daniel's move to show the deck is all backs is a real convincer for laypeople. Well done!



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