3D REALIZATION by Mark Southworth from his DVD Surefire

~ Magic Friday is written by Vancouver Magician Jamie D. Grant

What The Audience Sees:

“Let me just start off by saying that I just got back from the hospital. And do you know why? Because Jamie MELTED MY BRAIN on Friday! He melted ALL our brains! Except for Big Ted’s, who’s brain actually turned solid! It was nuts. Check it- Jamie had me select a card. No big deal. He then asked me if that card felt any different. He said that it was a bit bigger than the rest. I said No Way, as did Angry Bob, but Jamie said that it was. He put it back into the deck and told us to feel the side of the pack and that we would feel it. Well, we did, and we didn’t feel nothing. Jamie said he could feel it and, as a result, could find the card instantly, at which point he pulled one card from the deck. But check it out- it wasn’t my card! Angry Bob actually started smiling, he was so happy! Jamie looked confused and asked what my card was and I told him I selected the Eight of Spades. He said he should have known as it was a Black Eight as that card is bigger than all the rest in the deck. AND A #%^#^in EIGHT BALL FELL OUT OF THE DECK!!!! Let me say that again. A ^#%^# EIGHT BALL CAME OUT OF THE %^#^#^ DECK OF CARDS!!! Big Ted turned to Angry Bob and simply said, “Help me, Bobby.” It was so surreal!!! Awesome!

How It Went:

Hooooooo we! This trick was super killer! I love it and everyone on Friday thought it was fantastic! It’s just such a bizarre moment when that Eight Ball falls. I actually did this at a gig last week as well, and it was the one effect that I would do at the end of my set where you could see people asking themselves if what they just saw really happened. I would drop the Eight Ball into my hand and hand it to someone and the look on their face when they took it from me was priceless! I mean, it’s a solid pool ball that they just saw come from a clean deck of cards.


So much so, that I have actually taken the effort of bringing an Eight Ball with me all week, whenever I leave the house.

Best Lines:


-This wasn’t actually said by a person but was the noise of all the brains leaving the room at once. It kind of sounded like that noise from Lost that they always play.

”Am I awake right now? What is this? Who are you?

-I can’t describe the look on this guy’s face.

Angry Bob Rating:

For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician. Angry Bob knows that TT’s exist, for example, but he has no desire to become a magician himself. He also has an anger management problem that can be experienced first hand if he can’t figure out how a trick is done. A high rating means he has no idea.

Hold on one second... ... ... I just had to do my “ I Just Super Fooled Angry Bob” Happy Dance. Actually, hold on... ... ... I just had to do it again.

5/5. Who has any idea how it’s done? No one! Angry Bob, and the rest of the gang, were absolutely gobsmacked! There isn’t any telegraphing of what’s going to happen whatsoever.

My Rating:

Normally I would consider giving this a 9.5, only because you have to carry an Eight Ball around but it is so worth it. 10/10 is my official rating. I’ve immediately incorporated this into my Walk Around working sets and am so happy with the results.

The JDG Tip:

I’ve actually got a couple of ideas here. First of all, I used an Omni Deck for the squish ending. For whatever reason, I didn’t like the idea of flattening the ball. I just wanted it to be in play, and then disappear. And, to be honest, I rarely did that at all. For almost every time, I let the Eight Ball stay out. And I would act confused as to where I could put it when the effect was over.

As to where I did put it for the gig, I purchased a Belt Strap Holster (used for radios maybe?) from a military store. It’s just a single Velcro loop. It worked perfectly on the belt!

And lastly, I had no idea that Eight Balls came in different sizes. When I went to buy one, the guy asked me which size. Get the smaller one. The audience has no idea and it’s just a bit more manageable.

Closing Thoughts:

Any time I can come away from a Magic Friday with an effect that I can use in my working set is huge success for me, and this trick fits the bill like no other. Thanks Mark!

Have a great week, everyone!

Jamie D. Grant

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