TRICYCLE by Daniel Garcia

I didn't have time to do the usual full write-up, but did manage to get a video done! Thanks for watching, and I look forward to the discussion...

P.S. Angry Bob had a great day, but that was to be expected. It went by everyone else like gangbusters!


Tim Thoelecke said...

Hey Jamie,
Love the reviews. From the perspective of an enthusiastic amateur whose performing opportunities are primarily family and friends, I am confident that the response I would get from this would be more along the lines of "How did you know I'd choose that card?" I say that because of my own situation. My friends and family know I don't have any special powers and know it's just tricks.So then it becomes more of a prediction trick.

If I were a pro and working for people who don't know me, the response may be different. Regardless, I think you could get some good reactions with this. If I were going to use it, I think I'd try to find a way to incorporate it into a longer routine, perhaps one with multiple predictions.

Jimmy Rogers said...

I think that for the most part people will potentially say, "Wow how did he change it..." and then catch themselves and say "ohh...well how did he know in advance?" So I think it's probably a little of both...

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the "magic message" plot, unless it's done with ashes or something, as you said. There has to be an "out" for the audience to believe something happened beyond a prediction.

Btw, there is a lengthy thread on the cafe about The Observation Test by Trost that you suggested to me on Twitter. I started it to review my first attempt at it. I plan to record my second attempt soon...

Peter Krogh said...

Great discussion. I think that most people believe that you predicted which card they would pick. However, you can plant the 'change the box seed' a bit further by showing the box (at least part of it) and making them think they saw the regular word bicycle. (take the deck out of the box vertically and cover most of the word etc...).

I find when people see (or think they see something first), it is easier to have them believe that you somehow changed it...

For example Danny Archer's 'Eye Test'. I find people get blown away that I can 'change' the colour or the backs of the cards and then make their prediction appear on the back of a card, where it wasn't before. I have never had anyone ask, 'how did you know what I would pick?'. It's always, 'how did you change the cards?...'.

Unknown said...

That would be great for a deck switch. Perform with a regular red Bicycle box, and casually mention the Bicycle brand for whatever reason (point to the box), perform some more tricks. Act like you're done, put the box in your pocket, do the "would you like to see one more?" Pull out the Tricycle box with thre 3 of Clubs ready to go, and then you would have a miracle, I think they would believe you changed the box.

On a side note, you can tell if they think you actually changed the box by seeing if they reach for the box. If they don't reach, they don't really believe. Just my $.02

Anonymous said...

Either the box has to be handled casually by the spectator (and you pray they notice nothing) or the normal condition of the box is seen and then switched out.

I suppose another option would be something like the paddle move. Can you do the paddle move with a card box?

If you bought the cards at the store with spec, the normal condition of the card box would be assumed.

But without the normal "BICYCLE" condition of the box established beforehand, I think there's no box changing effect in the mind of the spectator.

Anonymous said...

Great review like always Jamie.

I was in Thailand about a year ago, where I got a henna tattoo of the ace of spades on my upper arm. When I wore a t-shirt, the short sleeve covered any signs of the tattoo.

So later on whilst drinking down Khaosan Road, I happened to see another magician. He was showing a group of people a few tricks, and I decided to introduce myself and do a few of my own. I did a force of the ace of spades, and asked the girl to hold the card close to her chest, and to put her other hand on my arm, over the top of the unknown tattoo. I asked her to concentrate, and for the magic to happen, and then I revealed the card - the reaction was unbelievable, I'm pretty sure she fell over.

Whether it was the magic in the air in Thailand, or the amount of alcohol that was flowing, or the situation, I believe that the girl, as well as the rest of the group, believed that the tattoo really did 'materialise' somehow on my arm.

Such a simple trick, yet it provoked more reaction than most other tricks - I think because this was real magic to them. Not set up, not an illusion, not on TV, but it happened by chance.

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