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(Sorry gang! I'm just so crazy busy with my Send Wonder campaign, that I'm just putting up the video review. If you have any questions, just comment here, though, and I'll respond!)

Angry Bob Rating:

For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician. Angry Bob knows that TT’s exist, for example, but he has no desire to become a magician himself. He also has an anger management problem that can be experienced first hand if he can’t figure out how a trick is done. A high rating means he has no idea.

I did this trick quite a while ago (KK) and brought it back to try and use this wallet. Angry Bob remembered it from before but seemed to be more angry than before. I think that I somehow canceled out what he thought took place the first time around and, as a result, he was fooled. 4/5.

Note: I just scrolled back through my original review of KK from 2006! I have to disagree with I wrote the first time around, however. The video review is a more accurate assessment of my current thoughts and beliefs. Funny how things can change!


Jimmy Rogers said...

Mmmm, interesting! I must say I'm always inspired to expand my studies whenever I watch Magic Friday. I've played with the ideas of A) getting a magical wallet and B) getting one of these "instant out" things like Bang On and the like (other than ID). Now I've just gone on a spree of research about them. I might grab Kollossal Killer....

Personally I keep two identical cheezy packet wallets in my right pocket at all times and just pull one out for the desired trick. The nice thing is that people probably just assume I have one in there and nobody's every complained that they think the wallets are full of fishy cards.

Jamie D. Grant said...


You don't have a magical wallet yet? Are you out of your mind, lol?! Even my shoelaces have magical properties!

Thanks for all your support and comments by the way!

Your pal,


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