LEATHER OF TRUTH by Andreas Minz

Video Review Only This Week!

(Sorry gang! I'm just so crazy busy with my Send Wonder campaign, that I'm just putting up the video review. If you have any questions, just comment here, though, and I'll respond!)


Jimmy Rogers said...

Hey Jamie,

I have like FOUR of your last episodes backlogged because I want to watch them but am on a mini-magic break (the summer heat is just dampening my magic wand or something)...so this is the first I've seen in a while.

I think this is very similar to Jeff McBride's thing he also always has on him. He sells them at his lectures. He does use more of a string, but it's this super soft stuff so there's no friction burn. You can see him do it on his video from Burning Man.

Anyway, it is a very neat trick, but I've had issues with McBride's handling...I have smaller hands and I think the "move" is somewhat hard for me to conceal. I'm assuming this effect uses the same "move" but I've never seen the finger wrap before. I'll need to find a willing finger to help me ;)

Great show as always!

Nicholas Van Wormer said...

Hi Jamie,

I came across your website the other day, and I have been enjoying your Friday Reviews.
Any word on Leather of Truth and if it is available anywhere? Thanks.

Jamie D. Grant said...

Thanks Jimmy! ~I'm not sure that hand size should play an issue though, to be honest. I'll have to check that out. And thanks for the support, as always!


Hiya Nickle!

I ordered ten of these and they should be coming in soon- I'll keep ya posted!

All my best,


Minze said...


I´m Minze - full name Andreas Minz. Thanks for using this trick and especially for the nice words. And!!! You pronounced my (german) name totally right!!!
Some questions: Did you get an english (translated) explanation? The secret is of course a very old ropetrick. But the idea for this leatherthing came up with e nice story. If you did´nt get it send me a mail (minze(at)ichbinauchiminternet.de). I will try to translate it as good as I can...
The reason I ask for is, that I want to know if anybody sells in in the USA!?! There is only one authorised Dealer for germany...

B est greetings and keep on doin´ magic,


Jamie D. Grant said...

Hiya Minze!

It's my pleasure! Your "Leather of Truth" is always in my pocket!

And I ordered 10 from your supplier in Germany- so I've got some coming here.

All my best!


Anonymous said...

could you get some more of these?

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